Katie & Ajit

I’m your typical Midwest girl, hailing from a small eastern suburb of Cleveland, OH. I love all things ‘typical’ Midwest: football, baseball, shopping, grilling out every meal, jumping in a lake in the summer, building snowmen in the winter. About thirteen years ago I started working for a large, international retailer. Through hard work and the motto “I’m mobile”, six states later I found myself living in Seattle (a city I swore I’d never move to, yet here I am).

After a year of being here, I was bored and hated the dating scene, so in a last ditch effort, I signed up for an online dating site. I completed my profile and took a few minutes to tell the universe exactly what I needed in a mate: let him come from a good family, his parents still married. Please let him be good with money, own his own home (or at least be able to if he wanted). Let him work for Microsoft, let him live in Bellevue (an eastern suburb about a forty minute drive away from my home in west Seattle), heck, let him be from India, that’s fine. But most important, please let him love and respect me.

Well folks, three and a half weeks later I went on my first date with Ajit. Literally every point listed above describes him. Ever since I’ve been very careful what I ask the universe for!

The differences in our cultures and backgrounds have lead to some pretty humorous conversations and also complete misunderstandings. One thing that has interested me from the beginning is his take vs mine on food, people, cultures, how we see the world in general.  How does the world see us?

We have been dating for a little over a year and a half at the start of this blog. Officially living together for two and a half months, when his parents came to visit.

My hope is that this reaches an audience that is in need (as I was) of solidarity in navigating cultural worlds unfamiliar to us, all in the name of love.