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When researching how to start a blog (for my third time) I read an article that advised “how to build a blog”, step number one: find a home. This made me take a long pause…and it all fell into place for me. The steps to starting a blog read like the building blocks of a successful relationship, step one: find a home. Find a place you can be yourself.

Sounds easy, but we all know it’s not. Is my domain name catchy enough? Will people want to click the link and explore my world? Am I interesting enough? Will anyone want to commit their time to getting to know me?

Starting this blog is intimidating. Hence my third attempt. It’s not just that I fear people won’t like what I say, but that it won’t be relevant, helpful, or worth their time to read.

How often do we feel this way when it comes to our relationships with people? Friends, coworkers, significant others, parents, neighbors, the person in line behind us when we just cannot decide what to order…it’s rejection and a negative impression of ourselves we really don’t want to give people.

So what are the other ‘building a blog’ steps? Create your design, collect needed tools, define your success, be consistent, connect with others, grow your blog. This is where I give a shout out to Josh Becker, as these are his steps for building a blog, that I am translating to life lessons. (And loving how it equates).

The next step on the list to building a blog is to create you design, as in, here I am! Here’s how I dress, and the music I listen to, and the clothes I like to wear, the hobbies I’ve taken on. This is my creativity that is my shield to the world. After that, it’s on to collecting the needed tools. For blogs, this is plugins (don’t worry I won’t get all techie on you). Basically, these can protect your blog from spam and allow search engines to find your content. So, how I see it, a relationship plugin will protect me from mismatched people, toxic relationships, negative environments, and on the plus side, people who I’m compatible with, will be drawn to me. Great! That’s what we all want!

I’ll combine the next few steps because they roll into one another. Define your success, be consistent, connect with others, strive to grow (personally, professionally). These four flow together as you cannot succeed at one without succeeding at the next, and the next and so on. But it really does hinge on what you consider the definition of ‘success.’ And furthermore, what is your measure based on? A while back, I was on the phone with my sister, and she was telling me how she didn’t feel like she was a good enough mom to her kids. I interrupted her and asked, “to who’s standard?” She did not have an answer. We need to be mindful of what our definition of success is, and where it came from. We all will have different measures for success. For me, if you are consistent in actions, connect with outhers, are open to constructive criticism, and always strive to grow, success, no matter what your definition, will naturally come to you.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I look forward to building this blog, and the exciting relationships it will create for me along the way.



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