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You know how life is rolling along and nothing is wrong, but you feel like a change is needed? I felt restless. I needed a personal challenge. Maybe its the two Indian parents living in our house and my acknowledgement that my sanity was slowly slipping away, or maybe it was just the way my jeans fit, ether way, I decided to focus on some weight loss.

My friend Andrea, married mother of a two year old, has been on the keto diet for eight months and loves it. She’s lost over twenty pounds with no exercise, just changing her eating habits. I was curious what this could do for me. I really only was looking for a ten pound loss, no need for any more. I casually gym two to three times a week, but really, we eat whatever we feel like, without paying any attention to nutrition. I also felt that since I am not allowed to drink in the house and my alcohol consumption has gone down, this really is the best time to start.

After a few days googling and a hundred and one questions to Andrea, I felt prepared to start. It has been two weeks (yes I still happy hour twice a week so breaking the keto rules right from the start) but I am down five pounds! I’m pretty psyched about it! No additional exercise, just cut out sugars and carbs. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, how can this be wrong?

I found an app, Stupid Simple Keto, to help track my protein, fat, carbs, and calories daily. I highly recommend it just as a quick tally to help recognize what your eating. It made me realize that I was overeating the first couple days, so I cut my portion sizes down, but still eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. My intense craving for pita bread has subsided, finally, and I also found kelp noodles at Whole Foods, so a creative version of faux pasta is about to happen.

We are still trying to explain this to Mom and Dad. They do not understand and still offer me desserts and lentils daily. Also, try explaining kelp noodles… it’s impossible and I gave up pretty quickly.

My goal is to stick with it for thirty days and see what the results are. No cheat days allowed, although that pesky pita in the freezer keep yelling my name…

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